About Bolso

When and where were you founded?

Bolso was founded on January 2nd, 2017 in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala.  Our community is based on the

shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan, which also happens to be the caldera of one of the world’s largest super volcanos. 

The surrounding area is home to numerous indigenous Mayan communities, with our town being Tz’utujil.  

What is the brand all about? 

Bolso embodies what business can be; we believe that if we serve our clients, artisans, craft, and community we

have already succeeded.  Two questions that are central to our ethos are: quality will always prevail, and we are

empowered by those we empower. 

Where does the name Bolso come from?

Once upon a West Village, our Founder brainstormed with another start-up about potential names.  We decided on

Bolso because it was short, Spanish, relevant, available, and gringos could say it. 

Where is everything made?

This is one of our favorite parts..we make everything in our shop in San Pedro la Laguna.  98% of our supply-chain

is within 35 miles of our shop, you can learn more at Inside Bolso.


What is your design philosophy?

At the core of our design philosophy we are focused on quality, we want our products to last forever.  To

accomplish this, we design everything with clean lines and the best construction methods possible.  If our products

are going to last they should also be timeless by nature. We love discreet details, like hidden logos, self-securing

shoulder straps, and hand-shaped leather inserts, but mostly the attention to detail.  


What materials do you use?

Vegetable tanned bovine leather is the only leather we use, our custom variation is 98% organic and sourced from

ethical farms, which is seen in the quality of the hide because its all natural.  Get your leather on here.  Our hand-

made textiles are made across the street by the lovely people at Atitlan Women’s Weavers Co-op.  Our brass

hardware is handmade by the Rodriguez family in Antigua, Guatemala.  The only items that are machine made are:

zippers, thread, brass buttons, and key-rings; and when selecting these items we seek-out the highest quality most

ethical options. 

How are your products made?

All of our products are hand-cut and hand-stitched.  This is generally reserved for the highest level of the leather

market as it is time consuming and requires a much higher level of artistry than conventional methods.  Hand-

cutting requires an artisan to trace a pattern with an awl, then with their choice of razor or knife they perfectly cut

the needed shape. Followed by hand-skiving edges, possibly rolling edges, then glueing the seams.  Once the

glue is set we use a single waxed thread to saddle stitch the seams for maximum strength, protecting seams

against water and significantly increasing the life of the seam. The process is finished trimming the edges of the

leather with an edger, sanding smooth, then hand-burnishing via a series of passes with dye, water, & bee’s wax

until completely smooth. 

Product Care

How do I clean my Bolso?

Begin by making sure the leather is clean, any build-up can be gently removed using a quality horsehair brush. 

Next, use a damped cotton cloth to brush the leather with a very thin layer of Bolso conditioner, caution is needed

to ensure even application to prevent over saturating a particular area. Allow to absorb for 15 minutes and wipe

evenly with a  clean dry cloth.  DO NOT use any water proofing agents or synthetic leather conditioners on your

product, they are formulated for chromium based leather and permanently damage your product. 

How should I care for my Bolso purchase?

To care for your product we advise to use Bolso all-natural leather conditioner, as it is specifically formulated to

hydrate and protect our vegetable tanned leather.  Our conditioner is completely organic and locally sourced, with

a blend of bees wax, sweet almond oil, and coconut butter.  We maintain a 50/50 semi-solid to oil blend that

provides a semi-matte finish while protecting against light water exposure.  

How will my Bolso break-in?

Patina city. Vegetable tanned leather develops character as it ages, taking on the oils from your skin it will slightly

change color with time as well as softening significantly.  Natural shades of leather will change to a rich brown. 

Bolso uses raw brass due to the natural characteristics of the material and the rustic aesthetic, the color will

change color depending on your use.  

US & International Shipping

Do you offer international shipping?

Absolutely! We offer complimentary global shipping!

How soon will my Bolso purchase arrive?

We ship out the day you order, this usually results in 5-7 business days for delivery depending on where in the

world you are located. 

Can I track my delivery?

We providing tracking numbers once our packages reach Antigua, which is generally one day after we ship from

our shop in San Pedro.  All packages are shipped with either: USPS, UPS, or DHL.

Why am I being charged duties?

Any duties required by your country will need to be covered by the customer.  We don’t like it anymore than you

do. There are no duties on US purchases. Please see the tax calculator for rates.

What is the return policy?

Products must be returned in their original, unused condition within 14 days of delivery. Unfortunately, we cannot

process refunds for used goods - if you have a question about the condition of your return, please email


If you experience a manufacturing defect we will repair the item no questions asked for as long as you own the

product.  If it cannot be repaired we will replace it, please email info@bolsobags.com for more information.

How can I make an exchange?

If the product has a manufacturing defect we will replace it, but all exchanges must be in unused condition within

14 days of purchase. 

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. If you send us a message before we ship the product we will fully refund your money.  Depending on if we

have the product in stock, it would be before 4pm local time the same day of the order.  If a product is custom

made or is customized we cannot cancel, exchange, or refund the order, unless there is a manufacturing defect.

This process takes 1 -2 weeks. 

Pricing & Payment

Do you ever have sales?

We don’t maintain much inventory that needs to be put on sale, but occasionally we like to hook it up,

especially for our best clients!


What forms of payment do you accept?

All of our payments run through Stripe, a U.S. based payment provider that serves all major credit and debit cards.