The Rodrigues family has been casting brass in Antigua, Guatemala for the last 30+ years.  They maintain generations old artisan techniques; making church bells, the unique Antigua door knockers, and numerous other adornments that color the culture in this part of Guatemala.  Each piece of Bolso's hardware is hand cast and polished by the Rodrigues family, using the same techniques as their traditional work, creating durable works of art that will gain character as they age.   Bolso takes pride knowing the finger prints of Guatemalan history have helped shape our products.

Each batch of ingots are melted by hand, then poured in a series of molds, setting the foundation of what will become a Bolso buckle.  The mixture of copper and zinc is the same that has been used over the last 30 years across Antigua.  Once set, the castings are shaped and polished by hand, which is a labor intensive process taking upwards of 60% of the total time required.  The intent in using artisan methods goes beyond supporting local talent, it provides our customers with products that are impossible to replicate as they are completely individual and will develop an unique aesthetic as time passes.