Our Supply Chain

This section outlines where we source our leather, hardware, and other materials used to assemble our products.  At all levels of our supply chain we only accept ethical work conditions and practices.


All our bovine leather is vegetable tanned, with 98% organic compounds, at Teneria San Miguel the award winning most ecological tannery in Central America. The Tannery is 65 years old and its employees are long tenured and highly trained.  


We decided to open our shop in a newly constructed multi-use building using the most efficient energy and water systems locally.  Our boutique workshop is the heart and soul of our business and provides a beautiful place to create great products.


The Rodrigues family has been casting brass in Antigua, Guatemala for the last 30+ years.  They maintain generations old artisan techniques making each piece of hardware for Bolso, helping ensure that we provide 100% Made in Guatemalan products, a 100% by artisans.