"I'm sick of this shit."

And so began our story when Theo walked away from his career on Wall Street, packed his belongings into storage, and bought a one-way ticket to Nicaragua.  On his travels, he landed in Guatemala where the capabilities of the local artisans made an impression, and he realized the potential opportunity to showcase their craft.  Thinking that by creating an entity, which would be the common thread between craftsmanship, design, and demand, we could funnel the hard work and love of the craftsmen back into the community. Thus we pursued a triple bottom line structure to develop a more humane version of capitalism encompassing local resources. 

Fast forward 12 months, Theo hopped on a plane to Guatemala to seek out the top artisans, tanneries, lawyers, business owners, tuc-tuc drivers… and on the way encountered a shamans son, travelers, the sweetest dog of all time (we love you Bella), and many more lovely characters who became part of Bolso’s story.  At this point we are over being "sick of this shit" and could not be more excited for what the future holds now that we've taken the step to leave what the world deems normal and create a new path for ourselves and every person touched by what this business offers to the world. Our story continues, with infinite potential to create, give back, and repeat, with the thread of positivity, kindness, and generosity, stitching each thread back into helping people and the planet.

Theo // Founder

Theo is the son of a Greek immigrant and a southern American hippy gypsy, they may or may not be the reason he bucks conventional thinking, either way he loves them both very much and attributes much of his success to them.  He has a particular affinity for markets, sustainability, chocolate, and dogs.  You can generally find him on a dance floor or living out of a backpack trying to learn more about the world.