Social Overview

We're guided by the principal that empowered communities are the most affective agents in lifting themselves out of poverty. We work with communities on development projects that community members agree are most valuable to them, these projects must be sustainable and inclusive of local labor, measurably improving quality of life.  We would like to focus on a small number of projects, seeing them through to a suitable capacity before moving on to future projects.  Each bag is numbered to correlate with what project we fund with your purchase. Our hope is that by drawing a closer connection to what your purchase makes happen in the real world you will be further inclined to support our and other triple bottom line structured businesses.                   

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Communal Soccer Fields

The thought process behind revitalizing communal soccers fields is recognizing that utility is key in ensuring any program has maximum affect, so focusing on rebuilding fields allows us to touch something socially important across age demographics, while creating a safe place that manifests ownership and pride for a large portion of the community.  Conversely, not having a place like this one begins to think about the health consequences of playing in streets or dumps, the social consequences of not having an outlet, and ultimately those that would have used this resource engaging in less than savory behavior.


Animal Welfare

The social portion of our animal line will be allocated to a program that will vaccinate and spay/neuter the stray animals in San Pedro.  We will work with a number of rescue veterinarians that specialize in enacting these programs with maximum efficiency.  Reducing disease and an excessive animal population increases the likelihood of adoption and makes for a happier community.