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In San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala lives a community of indigenous women who weave traditional clothing, handbags, shawls, and other products unique to their region of Lake Atitlán. These women are part of a local budding cooperative called Atitlán Women Weavers, that was established in 2014 by a local woman named Anita. Today, it provides an economic opportunity for 25 dedicated women, the majority of whom are single mothers. With each product sold, 75% of the profits go directly to the weaver.


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The cooperative values fair practices and is dedicated to the empowerment of each of the women. Artisans are encouraged to create any product that they wish and to do it on their own time. By working closely with them, the cooperative is also able to ensure the care and support the women need to continue their work in safe environments.

Traditional techniques are used to spin, dye, and weave the cotton so the products maintain authenticity and durability.  All cotton and dyes are organic, locally sourced, and weaved within the community.  Please see the link to learn more about the cooperative and view the video below on the entire weaving process, demonstrated by Anita herself.